Cristina Martín

Dr. Cristina Martín was born in 1994 in Monreal del Campo (Teruel). She received her BSc degree in Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza (2016). She worked as an undergraduate student at CLIP group on the development of new liquid crystal dendrimers with porphyrin-core. After that, she moved to Madrid and studied an inter-university Master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry. In March 2018, she started her PhD in Medicinal Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Rosario González Muñiz (IQM-CSIC). The project was focused on the development of two cosmetic preparations to alleviate cold allodynia associated with CIPN and search for new compounds to initiate preclinical development as a drug to treat this pathology. Now, she joined the Esteruelas group and her main interest is based on the synthesis of iridium complexes.