Papers | 1993

59. Synthesis and Structure of the Unusual 30-Electrons Homobinuclear Vinylidene-Bridged Rhodium Complexes [Rh2(µ-OOCCH3)(µ-C=CHR)(CO)2(PCy3)2]BF4(R = Ph, CO2CH3, H).

M. A. Esteruelas, F. J. Lahoz, E. Oñate, L. A. Oro, L. Rodríguez.

Organometallics 1993, 12, 4219-4222.

58. Synthesis and Reactions of New Hydridosilyliridium (III) Complexes Containing the Tetrafluorobenzobarrelene Diolefin.

M. A. Esteruelas, O. Nürnberg, M. Oliván, L. A. Oro, H. Werner.

Organometallics 199312, 3264-3272.

57. Synthesis of the first M(η2-H2) Complexes Containing S-donor Ligands.

M. A. Esteruelas, L. A. Oro, N. Ruiz.

Inorg. Chem. 199332, 3793-3794.

56. Synthesis of New Hydride-Carbyne and Hydride-Vinylcarbyne Complexes of Osmium(II) by Reaction of OsH2Cl2(PiPr3)2 with terminal alkynes.

J. Espuelas, M. A. Esteruelas, F. J. Lahoz, L. A. Oro, N. Ruiz.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1993115, 4683-4689.

55. Mechanism of the Hydrogenation of Phenylacetylene Catalyzed by [Ir(COD)(η2iPr2PCH2CH2OMe)]BF4.

M. A. Esteruelas, A. M. López, L. A. Oro, A. Pérez, M. Schulz, H. Werner.

Organometallics 199312, 1823-1830.

54. Exclusive Formation cis-PhCH=CH(SiEt3) by Addition of HSiEt3to PhCCH Catalyzed by RuHCl(CO)(PiPr3)2.

M. A. Esteruelas, J. Herrero, L. A. Oro.

Organometallics 199312, 2377-2379.

53. Reactivity of OsH4(CO)(PiPr3)2 towards terminal alkynes: Synthesis and Reactions of the Alkynyl-Dihydrogen Complexes OsH(C2R)(η2-H2)(CO)(PiPr3)2 (R = Ph, SiMe3).

J. Espuelas, M. A. Esteruelas, F. J. Lahoz, L. A. Oro, C. Valero.

Organometallics 199312, 663-670.

52. IrCl2H(PiPr3)2 as catalyst precursor for the reduction of unsaturated substrates.

H. Werner, M. Schulz, M. A. Esteruelas, L. A. Oro.

J. Organomet. Chem. 1993445, 261-265.

51. Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Rhodium Carboxylate Dimers [Rh(μ-OOCCR3)(CO)(PCy3)]2(R = H, F). X-ray Crystal Structure of [Rh2(μ-OOCCH3)( η– η12-C2Ph)(CO)2(PCy3)2].

M. A. Esteruelas, O. Lahuerta, J. Modrego, O. Nürnberg, L. A. Oro, L. Rodríguez, E. Sola, H. Werner.

Organometallics 199312, 266-275.