Papers | 2002

177. Lewis Base-assisted Hydride-carbyne to olefin Transformation versus Carbene formation.

M. Baya, M. A. Esteruelas, E. Oñate.

Organometallics 200221, 5681-5684.

176. Synthesis, X-ray structure, and polymerisation activity of a bis(oxazolinyl)pyridine chromium(III) complex.

M. A. Esteruelas, A. M. López, L. Méndez, M. Oliván, E. Oñate.

New J. Chem. 200226, 1542-1544.

175. Reactions of an Osmium-Elongated Dihydrogen Complex with Terminal Alkynes: Formation of Novel Bifunctional Compounds with Anphoteric Nature.

P. Barrio, M. A. Esteruelas, E. Oñate.

Organometallics 200221, 2491-2503.

174. Hydride-Carbyne to Carbene Transformation in a Cyclopentadienyl-Osmium Complex: An Alternative to the Single Hydride-Cα Migration.

M. Baya, M. A. Esteruelas.

Organometallics 200221, 2332-2335.

173. Regioselective Addition of Dienes to the Cβ-Cγ Double Bond of the Allenylidene Ligand of [Ru(η5-C5H5)(=C=C=CPh2)(CO)(PiPr3)]BF4.

M. Baya, M. L. Buil, M. A. Esteruelas, A. M. López, E. Oñate, R. J. Rodríguez.

Organometallics 200221, 1841-1848.

172. Dihydride versus Elongated Dihydrogen in [H2Os(κ2-O2CCH3)L(PiPr3)2]+ Complexes: Influence of the L Ligand.

M. A. Esteruelas, C. García-Yebra, M. Oliván, E. Oñate, M. A. Tajada.

Organometallics 200221, 1311-1314.

171. Two- and Four-electron-alkyne Ligands in Osmium-cyclopentadienyl Chemistry: Consequences of the π⊥→ M Interaction.

J. J. Carbó, P. Crochet, M. A. Esteruelas, Y. Jean, A. Lledós, A. M. López, E. Oñate.

Organometallics 200221, 305-314.