Papers | 2011

orgnd7_v030i023.indd284. Osmium-Catalyzed Oxidation of Primary Alcohols with Molecular Oxygen

M. A. Esteruelas, T. García-Obregón, J. Herrero, M. Oliván.

Organometallics 201130, 6402-6407.


Sin título.png283. NHC-Palladium Complexes from Hydroxy-Functionalized Imidazolium Salts as Catalyst for Microwave-Accelerated Fluorine-Free Hiyama Reaction.

I. Peñafiel, I. M. Pastor, M. Yus, M. A. Esteruelas, M. Oliván, E. Oñate.

Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2011, 7174-7181.


1-s2.0-S0022328X11X00219-cov150h282. Osmium-Carbon multiple bonds: Reduction and C-C coupling reactions.

T. Bolaño, M. A. Esteruelas, E. Oñate.

J. Organomet. Chem2011696, 3911-3923.


orgnd7.2011.30.issue-21.largecover.jpg281. Reactions of an Osmium-bis(dihydrogen) Complex under Ethylene: Phosphine Addition to a C-C Double Bond and C-H Bond Activation of Fluoroarenes

S. Bajo, M. A. Esteruelas, A. M. López, E. Oñate.

Organometallics 201130, 5710-5715.


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280. Dehydrative Cyclization of Alkynals: Vinylidene Complexes with the Cβ Incorporated into Unsaturated Five- or Six-membered Rings.

M. Batuecas, L. Escalante, M. A. Esteruelas, C. García-Yebra, E. Oñate, C. Saá.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201150, 9712-9715.


orgnd7.2011.30.issue-16.largecover.jpg279. Analysis of the Aromaticity of Osmabicycles Analogous to the Benzimidazolium Cation.

M. Baya, M. A. Esteruelas, E. Oñate.

Organometallics 201130, 4404-4408.


orgnd7.2011.30.issue-14.largecover.jpg278. Preparation of Half-Sandwich Osmium Complexes by Deprotonation of Aromatic and Pro-aromatic Acids with a Hexahydride Brønsted Base.

M. A. Esteruelas, J. García-Raboso, M. Oliván.

Organometallics 201130, 3844-3852.


jacsat.2011.133.issue-20.largecover.jpg277. Ruthenium-Catalyzed (2+2) Intramolecular Cycloaddition of Allenenes.

M. Gulías, A. Collado, B. Trillo, F. López, E. Oñate, M. A. Esteruelas, J. L. Mascareñas.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011133, 7660-7663.


orgnd7.2011.30.issue-9.largecover.jpg276. Direct Access to POP-Type Osmium(II) and Osmium(IV) Complexes: Osmium a Promising Alternative to Ruthenium for the Synthesis of Imines from Alcohols and Amines.

M. A. Esteruelas, N. Honczek, M. Oliván, E. Oñate, M. Valencia.

Organometallics 201130, 2468-2471.


orgnd7.2011.30.issue-7.largecover.jpg275. Hydride-Alkenylcarbyne-Osmium Complexes versus Cyclopentadienyl Type Half-Sandwich-Ruthenium Derivatives.

A. Collado, M. A. Esteruelas, E. Oñate.

Organometallics 201130, 1930-1941.


orgnd7.2011.30.issue-6.largecover.jpg274. Osmium NHC Complexes from Alcohol-Functionalized-Imidazoles and Imidazolium Salts.

B. Eguillor, M. A. Esteruelas, J. García-Raboso, M. Oliván, E. Oñate, I. M. Pastor, I. Peñafiel, M. Yus.

Organometallics 201130, 1658-1667.


jacsat.2011.133.issue-7.largecover.jpg273. From Tetrahydroborate- to Aminoborylvinylidene-Osmium Complexes via Alkynyl-Aminoboryl Intermediates.

M. L. Buil, M. A. Esteruelas, K. Garcés, and E. Oñate.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011133, 2250-2263.